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miami_menstills's Journal

Miami Men Stillness
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Miami Men Stillness was created thanks to siriusly_sex's obsession with Tim Speedle (played by Rory Cochrane). Her good friend, thiscanbegin, thought it would be a cool idea to create an icon challenge community dedicated to the mean of CSI Miami. Since then the dinamic duo have been bringing you weekly icon challenges and even monthly challenges of those hunky guys with big kits and sexy sunglasses.

Community Rules & General Info
♠ Have fun, that's the main reason we're all doing this. Even though it is a competition, that's no reason to get all petty if your icon didn't win. You're all good makers.
♠ All icons must be: stills, standard LJ size (100x100/40KB), not shown to anyone until after voting.
♠ Monthly challenges are optional and no way affect the weekly challenges.
♠ Sometimes even we have trouble coming up with creative themes for weekly challenges. If you have any challenge suggestions, comment here
♠ Screen caps are always handy to have on hand and unfortunately not that many people cap CSI Miami. If you have any caps or know where to get good quality Miami caps and you would like to share, please comment here

These are various other icon challenge communities or icon replated communities run by friends.

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Accepted Characters
These are just some of the characters that are accpeted here. If you have a character that we missed, you can comment here

• Horatio Caine
• Tim Speedle
• Eric Delko
• Ryan Wolfe
• Det. John Hagen
• Raymond Caine Sr.
• Raymond Caine Jr.
• Officer Aaron Jessop
• Clavo Cruz
• Det. Frank Tripp
• Det. Jake Berkley
• Dan Cooper
• Rick Stetler

Weekly Challenge Rules & Information
♥ A new Weekly Challenge will be posted every Sunday and will be active until the following Friday
♥ Normally, voting would also be posted the same day the challenge ends. But because are so busy with random summer things, the voting will be posted as soon as possible. Voting will last for three days only. In the event that we have too many ties voting will be extended an extra day or so, there will be posts about that whenever it happens.
♥ The same thing counts for banners as well. They'll be posted whenever we get the chance.
♥ All submissions are screened. This is so we no one knows which icons are made by whom, that way voting later on is more fair.
♥ You'll be given usually a theme and a specific set of screen caps to icon. Sometimes you'll be allowed to pick your own theme and caps.
♥ Usually you're only allowed to submit four icons per challenge. However this can change depending on the paticular challenge.

Monthy Challenge Rules & Information
♦ A new Monthly Challege will be posted at the first of the month, and will be over at the end of the month.
♦ Challenges are posted every other month. It's easier on both the mods and the makers to do it this way. If someone is participating in both the Monthly and Weekly challenges is, then on average they'll be making anywhere from twenty to thirty icons a month. It's very easy for someone to burn out creativly. This way, they'll get a bit of a break in between Monthly Chalenges.
♦ Each challenge will have a different general theme. For example characters, pairings, episode, actor, etc...
♦ You'll be given a list of icon themes to complete before the end of the month. Each month there will be a different list. For example, gun, labcoat, outside, etc... 8 of those themes will be chosen by mods, 2 of those themes will be artist's choice.
♦ To claim a general theme, you'll have to leave comment on the CLAIMS thread on the main challenge post.
♦ Even though the list of already claimed things will be open to public view, all submissions will be screened. That way people are less selfconcious about submitting their icons.
♦ To submit icons you'll have to leave comment on the SUBMISSIONS thread on the main challenge post.
♦ If you have any questions about the montly challenge, you'll have to leave comment on the QUESTIONS thread on the main challenge post.
♦ For voting, each mod will pick their top five favorite icons from each submission post. Then, there will be a large post for you to vote for the top three icons, just like in the regular weekly challenge. Plus you'll also be able to pick your one favorite icon.

All icons used in the info are made by members of the community